Added Week of June 16th thru 22nd, 2020


Hotels, Motels, & Inns

I added Thre  pamphlets for

The Black Point Inn (Prout’s Neck)

Black Point Inn Pamphlet – (ca.) 1929 – Mrs. S.F. Boyd, Mgr.**
Black Point Inn Pamphlet – 1940 – John W. Simpson, Mgr. 
Black Point Inn Brochure & 1988 Schedule of Rates
Black Point Inn Brochure – 2001.

The Checkley (Prout’s Neck)I added three Pamphlets(Circa) 1920 Pamphlet, post 1934 Multifold Pamphlet (Green) and 1936 Pamphlet. (1920 OCR) (1936 OCR)

I added:

Scarborough Beach

The Kirkwood – Brochure – Warren E. Ewing (Mgr.)



I added a receipt signed by J.H Leavitt, a dealer in Provisions and Groceries – Scarboro’ Clams by the Barrel or Gallon. – Pine Point, ME – May 27, 1889, to Digital Maine.

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