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A piece of democracy – Rodney Laughton with a Scarborough Ballot Box from the 1930s or 40s.

Maine Room

Bookcase 1 – Back – Top 

Posted the Scarborough Annual Report – 1906 to Archive.Org and Digital Maine.
Posted the Scarborough Annual Report – 1907 to Archive.Org and Digital Maine.

Middle Room

Tax Valuation Books

Added links on our Tax Valuation Books Page to access images of the 1882, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1894, 1895, 1905, 1910, and 1914 Tax Valuation Books. 

Photos added

Businesses – Hotels

Added another photo of The Danish Village showing the fountain.

Businesses – Restaurants

Added a photo of Nell and Marks Southgate Restaurant (in Dunstan)

Other Businesses

Added photos to Other Businesses Gallery: 

Beauty-Rest-CampsBeauty Rest Camps
Telephone Forest 1596-2
4 Miles from Portland – 6 Miles to Old Orchard.
Running Water – Electric Light
Located on Route One at the South Portland line. The Volvo dealership would be right across the street.

Added a photo of the Original Len Libby Candy Shop  
Added a photo of Sage: An Esoteric Shoppe, 2015

Added four photos of various Snow’s Labels.

(Gallery deleted 12 March 2020. Images now available on Flickr.)


Added a photo of the Southgate House when it was The Carriage House Restaurant (This is a scan of a photo that is museum mounted photo located in the Middle Room).

Markers of Scarborough

Added King Cemetery sign installed by the Eagle Scouts on 17 August 2019.

People Photos

Added an 1895 photo of the John Vaughn Merrick family at “The Knoll.”
Added a 1949 photo of Emma Gochie (Thurlow) as a child holding a doll. 
Added a photo of Lona A Owen Hunkins (1880-1962) who was the wife of Arthur A. Hunkins (1878-1970).
Added a photo of Rencel H. Colby (1882-1952). Ordained in Scarborough 1913; served as the minister at Black Point, drew maps. Served in Reserves as a chaplain during WWII; he lost a son in that war.

SHS Laptop Photos

Started a new Photo Image Collection based upon the scans done to the SHS Laptop from 2011 through 2015.  I began with Aviation Photos.  All photos are sized for the web, however, higher quality resolutions are available electronically for a small fee.

  • Aerial of Air Meet, Portland Airport, Scarborough Maine – 1928.
  • Aerial view of Portland Airport, Scarborough, Maine
  • Aerial View Portland Airport, Scarborough
  • Air Meet at Portland Airport, Scarborough
  • Airplanes at Grand Beach
  • Amelia Earhart, 3rd person from the left
  • Hanger – Portland Airport, Scarborough, Maine
  • Pioneer Aviator Merle Fogg & Stuntman George Sparks

Student Photos

I added the 1916 Scarborough High School Class photo. [Includes Standing: Richard Libby, Edna (Purchase) Gower, Flora “Nellie” (Hudson) Higgins, Ruth Johnson, and Raymond Sargent. Sitting: Elinor (Harmon) Wright, F. “Herbie” Wentworth, and the Teacher, Miss Litchfield.]
I added a newspaper article clipping about the 1916 Scarborough High School Class
I added a photo of the 1966 Scarborough High School Class.


I updated the Ephemera Finding Aid, both in Table Press & in Google Sheets with an 8 November 2019 version.

Beech Ridge School Restoration Project

Added 4 photos taken on 15 November as the schoolhouse was being moved onto the new foundation.


Photo by Karlene Osborne


Photo by Karlene Osborne


Photo by Karlene Osborne






Photo by Joyce Alden


Photo by Joyce Alden

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