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First Aid Class – ca. 1910

Taken at New Wayland – Dunstan GrangersFront Row: Leland Merrill, Elsie Spear, George West, Ruth Witham, Duane Merrill, and Noah Merrill

2nd Row: Scot Pillsbury, Abbie Libby, Dorothy Googins, Dorris Leary, Clifford Leary, Nellie Higgins, Ethel Higgins, Mary Gower, Eva Longfellow, Helen Carter

3rd Row: Arlington Johnson, Howard Carter, Fred Merrill, Lottie Merrill, Florence Boothby, Blanch Scamman, Herbert Rice, Gladys Rice, Irving Boothy, Percy Scamman

4th Row: Cora Carter, Raymond Leary, ? ?, Frank Rogers, Earl Leary, Otis Leary, Liz Baker, Smith Carter


First Aid Class – 15 April 1936

First Row, Left to Right
1. George Wood, State Police Patrolman
2. Natalie Lothrop, Teacher
3. Dorothy Clark, Teacher
4 Willard O. Howe, Instructor and Chairman, First Aid
5. John H. Stevens, Chairman First Aid Comm. of Portland
Chapter American Red Cross
6. Florence Hearn, teacher
7. Ina Knight, Postmaster
8. Roger L, Doyle, State Police Patrolman.

Second Row, Left to Right
1. Russell Moulton, WPA Foreman
2. Henry Gould, Fire Chief
3. Ralph Sargent, Constable
4. Howard Knight, Fire Captain
5. Dr. Ray Littlefield
6. Arthur Snow, Fire Captain
7. Fred Davis, First Aid Instructor
8. Joseph R. Knight, Chairman Scarborough Red Cross

Dog Brownie

Photo from Tisdale Studio, 116 Revere St., Portland, ME

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