Fickett Surname

03.83.29 – Linquist Collection – Letter Dated 1835-07-08

From the Lindquist Collection – 03.83.29 – 1835 note by Amos T. Fickett.

From the Lindquist Collection – Note by Amos T. Fickett.


Scarborough July 8 – 1835

This does certify that I Daniel Larrabee and the subscriber has made a conditional [??]ment concerning a foal or a colt [th] at is I give him five Dollars for the ??? a colt if I like him if not he ??? it and payes me fifteen Dollars ?? the use of my mare at the age of four and lose the use of his horse.
Amos T Fickett
and also Hiram Berry on the same Conditions
Amos T Fickett

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