Class of 1931 – Names & Photos

We received a number of photos of the students of Scarborough High School, Class of  1931, from the collection of Marguerite Carver Shaw Davis, also known as “Mag.”

Accession Number:  2018-10-02

Scarboro High School Class of 1931

Full NameSurnamePhotoBack Inscription (If present)
Lillian May McCulloughMcCulloughPhotoNo note on back.
Kenneth Melville LaughtonLaughtonPhotoNo note on back.
Robert Wentworth CollinsCollinsPhotoNo note on back.
Almeda Pearl MoultonMoultonPhotoBack of Photo
Harlan Edgar PlummerPlummerPhotoBack of Photo
Francis Emmelie LathropLathropPhotoBack of Photo
Daniel Weston SnowSnowPhotoBack of Photo
Dorothy ClarkClarkPhotoBack of Photo
Sydney Leslie PoolerPoolerPhotoBack of Photo
Helen Gertrude ScammanScammanPhotoBack of Photo
Barbara Jannette HarmonHarmonPhotoBack of Photo
Barbara Mildred GrantGrantPhotoBack of Photo
George Harvard DouglasDouglasPhotoBack of Photo
Barbara Jannette Harmon (Possibly #2HarmonPhotoNo note on back.
Pauline Harriet FrederickFrederickPhotoBack of Photo
Hope May FergattoFergattoPhotoBack of Photo
Ralph Donad BerryBerryPhotoNo note on back.
Ella Louise SawyerSawyerPhotoBack of Photo
Arthur Scott BernellBernellPhotoNo note on back.
Marjorie Matilda MillikenMillikenPhotoBack of Photo
Reta Frances MillikenMillikenPhotoNo note on back.
Olive FieldingFieldingPhotoNo note on back.
Dorothy ClarkClarkPhotoNo note on back.
Dagmar Emilee NielsonNielsonPhotoBack of Photo
Unidentified 01PhotoNo note on back.
Unidentified 06PhotoNo note on back.

These photos were sized for the web at three inches wide with a resolution of 144 pixels per inch. The original image scans were done at 600 pixels per inch and are available from the Society. Please contact the society if you are interested in a higher resolution copy of the image.

The Scarborough Historical Museum also has the 1931 High School Yearbook available for viewing at the museum. You can learn much more about the class members in the yearbook. When I looked at the yearbook, I was surprised to not find a “class photo.” There were only two group photos, one of the 1930-31 Boys Basketball Team and one of the 1930-31 Girls Basketball Team.


Scarboro High Basketball Teams – 1930-1931 Season

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